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John H. Sharp
Artist, Welder, Forger, etc.......
418 County Route 12
Whitehall, N.Y. 12887
(518) 642-2408

e-mail john@smallponderings.com

Creating metal sculptures ranging from several inches to several feet (often way out of scale), all with just a bit of whimsy, is one of the
pursuits at Small Ponderings.  Neither flora nor fauna are safe from interpretation!  What could be next?
Springing from an excavation business of the same name, and nestled somewhere between
the Green Mountains of Vermont and
the Adirondack Mountains of New York,
I spend some of my time heating, cutting, bending, pounding, welding,
brazing, grinding, sorting, painting, pondering......

Take a look at some of my past work

The Sun Flower On The Side Table is a steel and iron free standing pedestal table with a glass top

Sunflower On the Side Table

The Married Table is the latest creation.  Two flowers "married" into one supporting a custom cut 56 inch diameter tempered glass top. It was presented as a wedding gift.
Married Table 1Married Table 2 

The Dear John Sunflower stands nearly 9 feet tall and bears appropriate agricultural equipment colors.  Yes, that's a bulldozer sprocket on the top!

Dear John Sunflower

The Mother In Law Flower stands about 6 feet tall and, like
the Dear John Sunflower, retains it's blossom and color all year.

Mother In Law Flower

No, it's not a real humming bird.
The Chain Snake is an older creation that moves very slowly and eats very little, a nice quiet pet.
Chain Snake

The Tangles Sculpture is just the size of a 12 fl oz bottle of your favorite beverage
and all stainless steel.

Tangles Sculpture

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